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JCF/C With Saline Filtration System And Cooling


  • Measures all 3 critical parameters of soft contact lenses to +/- 0.05mm.
  • Surface and edge inspection
  • Saline filtration system as JCF/F
  • Cooling system regulates temperature to 20 degrees Celsius for consistent measurement.
  • The JCF/F, JCF/C and the JCF and TC20 Combination all feature :

    • Easy to use wet cell system
    • Inside radius measurement 6.5mm to 9.5mm
    • Center thickness measurement 3.5mm to Maximum
    • Overall diameter measurement 6.0mm to 16.0mm
    • Plan view magnification X16
    • Profile view magnification X19
    • Dual projection system allows both lens profile and full edge inspection
    • Upper and lower surface inspection by focusing through lens
    • Saline filtration system

    Additional Features of the JCF/F, JCF/C and the JCF and TC20 Combination:

    • Saline cooling for consistent 20 degree Celsius operation
    • Temperature constant to +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius
    • Avoids dimensional variations due to temperature change


    Additional Features of the JCF and TC20 Combination:

    • Heating or cooling of saline solution to required temperature (15 to 38 degrees Celsius)

    Temperature control unit available separately

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