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Semi-Automatic Lenticular Lathe


As with the manual lathe, the CityCrown Semi Automatic Lenticular Lathe is known for being both reliable and robust. The added benefit of the automated movement contributes to a consistent lens specifications and an excellent surface finish.

The semi automatic lathe is available in both lenticular and single slide versions. The lenticular top slide lathe is capable of cutting two curves in one pass. CityCrown semi automatic lathes embody all the features of the manual lathes i.e. variable spindle speed together with balanced and vibration free operation. The main additional feature is the automatic top slide traverse which has a coarse feed rate for rough cuts and a fine feed rate for finish cuts. This ensures continuous high quality surface finish which effectively reduces reject rates. On the current generation of these machines the lenticular top slides have been redesigned to further improve surface finish. Solid state circuitry has replaced relays and microswitches to reduce maintenance and downtime. The low profile aspect of the lathe makes it comfortable to operate. The machine cuts both convex and concave surfaces. As an optional extra the lever feed attachment can be fitted to facilitate rapid advancement and withdrawal of the headstock to and from the working position. Suitable for hard, soft and gas permeable materials.


  • Headstock: Precision dovetail slides
  • Spindle: Dynamically balanced, fitted with Abec 9 bearings
  • Spindle drive: 24 DC motor, variable speed 0 - 9000 RPM, Dynamically braked when switched off
  • Collet mechanism: Lever operated, quick release unit, collet pressure adjustable. Threaded drawbar incorporated in spindle
  • Lenticular slide assembly: Fitted with Abec 7 bearings. Two slides move axially and independent to each other
  • Lenticular drive: 24 DC motor. Velocity damped by dashpot and gear. Two variable drive speeds - fine and coarse.
  • Lenticular Drive: Push button for traverse speed (fine and coarse) repeat cuts, datum checks and manual control.
  • Electrical supply: 110, 115, 200, or 230 volts. 50 Hz or 60 Hz single phase consumption 1Kw
  • Dimensions: Width 730 mm, depth 330mm, height 380 mm.
  • Weight: 90 Kg.


    Semi-Automatic key features

  • Universal for Front and back cutting
  • Automatic Radius Cartridge Topslide traverse movement in both coarse or fine mode.


    Optional accessories:

  • Automatic diametering attachment (Ref No: 5000-0002)
  • Automatic auxiliary attachment (Ref No: 5001-0003)
  • Lever feed attachment (Ref No: 5001-0004)
  • Lenticular setting clock and bracket - low headstock (Ref No: 5001-0005)
  • Lenticular setting clock and bracket - high headstock (Ref No: 5001-0006)



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