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C.N.C. Multi Frontcurve Lathe


The CNC. Multi Frontcurve Lathe operates in a similar way to the Multi Basecurve machine except that it is dedicated to cutting multicurved convex lens surfaces. Loading of the blocked base curve and unloading the machine finished lens is carried out manually.

The C.N.C Multi Universal Lathe combines the functions of both the Multi Base and Multi Front machines and produces both multicurved concave and multi curved convex lens surfaces on the same machine.

The CNC Multi-Curve Lathe was developed for the production of Multiple spherical curves on either the Front or Back surfaces, via user friendly software. It is offered in two options:

  • Multi Universal for Front and Back Surface Cutting Ref. No: 5000 0008 (CNC Multi Universal Lathe)
  • Multi Base for Back Surface Cutting with Autoload.Ref. No: 5000 0007 (CNC Multi Base Curve Lathe) /li>

    CNC Multi Curve Key Features:

  • Fast cycle times to optimise production
  • High quality surface finish requiring minimal polishing.

    Optional Accessories

  • Universal collet: Ref. No: 4007 0001
  • Networking capability with Iens design program details available
  • Upgrade to Airbearing spindle details available
  • Multi curve setting clock: Ref. No: 5001 0007

    Multi Universal Specifications:

  • Headstock: Re circulating bearing system
  • Spindle: Dynamically balanced fitted with Abec 9 bearings
  • Spindle Drive: 24v DC motor, variable speed 0 9000 RPM, dynamically braked when switched off.
  • Headstock Drive: Precision ground leadscrew driven by stepper motor. Software controlled.
  • Topslide: Positioned via precision ground leadscrew. Driven by stepper motor on linear bearings. Software controlled.
  • Radius Drive: Via 24v DC motor velocity damped by dashpot & gear. Software controlled.
  • Probe Unit: (universal only) Pneumatic software controlled.
  • Automatic: (back surface only) Fully automated electro pneumatic loading and unloading mechanism with a standard magazine having with the capacity for up to 60 blanks.
  • Diametering: Software controlled using second tool on topslide.
  • Computer: IBM PC compatible. Entry level.
  • Compressed Air Supply: Pressure range 5.5 bar up to 6.9 bar (1 00psi) consumption 85 L/min (3cfm).
  • Electrical Supply: 110, 115, 200 or 230 volt 50 or 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: Universal width 1280mm x depth 480mm x height 500mm Base width 1350mm x depth 580mm x height 930mm
  • Welghts: Universal 140 kg, Base 154 kg


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