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C.N.C. Automatic Base Curve Lathe


A feature of the machine is that it can produce a base curve which has an accurate diameter with a pre determined land width to prevent chipping at the edge. The machine incorporates a pneumatically controlled collet and the computer can be programmed to produce any required quantity of base curves automatically The precision build of the lathe and the high quality of the spindle balance ensure base curves which require a minimum of polishing and thus retain their geometric integrity. Suitable for hard, soft and gas permeable materials.

The C.N.C. Base Curve Lathe is an automatic machine which will produce either single radius or lenticular base curves. With cycle times as low as 45 seconds possible, and minimal operator attention the machine is ideal for stock or small batch quantity prescription production. The lenticular topslides are manually set. The lathe is computer controlled and incorporates an automatic button loading and unloading system.

Control System for both Front and Base Curve C.N.C. Lathes The CityCrown CNC Lathes are fitted with a standard PC, replacing the old Epson HX20 computer, and programmed in Basic. This enables users quickly and simply to adapt the standard programmes to their own particular production method and requirements. It is also possible to load the machine control computer via a second computer; several CNC lathes can be controlled from an in house computer system.

CNC Lenticular key features:

  • User-friendly software
  • Labour saving
  • High quality production


    Optional Accessories:

  • Networking capability with lens design program
  • Upgrade to air-bearing spindle
  • Lenticular setting clock and bracket - low headstock (Ref No: 5001-0005)
  • Lenticular setting clock and bracket - high headstock (Ref No: 5001-0006)Specifications:



  • Headstock: Recirculating bearing system
  • Spindle: Dynamically balanced, fitted with Abec 9 bearings
  • Spindle Drive: 24v DC motor, variable speed 0 - 9000 RPM, dynamically braked when switched off
  • Collet Mechanism: Lever operated front surface
  • Air collet back surface
  • Lenticular Slide Assembly: Fitted with Abec 7 bearings. Two slides move axially and independent to each other
  • Lenticular Drive: 24v DC motor velocity damped by dashpot and gear
  • Lenticular Drive Control: Via user-friendly software
  • Headsock Drive: Precision-ground leadscrew driven by stepper motor, software controlled.
  • Probe Unit: (Front surface only) 24v DC motor driven, software controlled
  • Automatic Loading: (Back surface only) Fully automated electro-pneumatic loading and unloading mechanism with a standard magazine with the capacity for up to 60 blanks.
  • Diametering: (Bqck surface only) Pneumatically driven diametering attachment, software controlled
  • Compressed Air Supply: (Back surface requirement only) Pressure range 5.5 bar (80 psi) up to 6.9 bar (100 psi) consumption 85 L/min (3cfm)
  • Computer: IBM compatible PC - entry level
  • Electrical Supply: 110, 115, 200 or 230 volt, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: Front surface 1100mm x depth 550mm x height 570 mm
  • Weight: 150 kg



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